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Hamza Ali Abbasi received a notice from punjab govt

Hamza Ali Abbasi received a notice from punjab govt

Declining to delicate a conciliatory sentiment for what he said was ‘reality’, Hamza guaranteed it was a commitment on him as a Muslim and a popularity based all right Pakistani to talk reality. “On the off chance that you think my figures are overstated, I might welcome if the administration needs to clear up the figures to me with decisive confirmation yet in no way, shape or form I should be oppressed with dangers of lawful activity,” read the letter.

Hamza likewise recommended that it was not the employment of a vote based government to send notification to people, blaming them for spreading incorrectly news and requesting an expression of remorse by danger of legitimate activity. “May I set out likewise say that if the govt trusts that I or any of these sources have spread news in view of mistaken realities, then the employment of a “majority rule” govt is ONLY to clear up the truths before the general population,” he said.

Thirdly, as you have risked citing Quran while attempting to let me know that spreading bits of gossip is a transgression, i think we both concede to that and trust me when you are a media individual subject to a wide range of gossipy tidbits, you understand why it is a wrongdoing. Be that as it may, who chooses what gossip is? I am mindful of the measurements that IG Punjab exhibited. You are stating I spread talk and the Govt and IG Punjab is correct, i say that the news outlets are correct and the Govt is spreading bits of gossip to keep up a decent picture in the general population. Different cases of bits of gossip that i think Government is spreading is that Nawaz Sharif and his family are not degenerate and the certainties in Panama Leaks are all untruths, yet on the other hand, you and the Govt have the privilege to differ with me simply like i have the privilege to differ with you and the Govt. So lets keep it to a “Contradiction” and not make it an indicate request expression of remorse or dangers of legitimate activity, in light of the fact that if things are to go in that heading then i will make it a state of my extremely presence to battle for my privilege and for what i believe is correct, regardless of the possibility that it takes years and regardless of the possibility that the adversary is the Govt apparatus.

Seizing of kids is an intense issue. This not majority rules system where you beat everybody who talks up poses a question. The contrast amongst humanized and uncouth nations, individuals with no vision are running this nation. How much cash is spent on training, wellbeing, police, cleanliness. We should thump everybody on the off chance that we don’t concur with them.

This is an instance of a person who can’t deal with his newly discovered distinction, be it Ramadan or political matters I ask why he carries on as a researcher in everything ? Be that as it may, than if others sees contrast they mark them as janvar, gulu, media cell, patwari

It’s exclusive a notice, not a warrant and this person is as of now sweating. He spread bits of gossip without checking sources. He is a liar and a rebel, in this manner he should be sent to imprison for further cleaning.

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