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band karo poory mulk ko, IK

band karo poory mulk ko, IK

The PTI declared November 2 as the date for their arranged sit in the government capital.

The gathering has additionally arranged a system to handle the sit-in and any conceivable crackdown against the gathering.

The specialists have been requested that assemble at Faizabad, from where they will walk towards Zero Point under Imran’s authority.

“Blocking Zero Point will render Kashmir Highway, I.J. Vital Road, Murree Road and Islamabad Expressway shut and the government capital will be in lockdown,” a senior authority had told Dawn.

“Party pioneers are of the view that the administration will close the streets themselves, helping the gathering’s arrangement to blockade Islamabad,” he said.

On the off chance that PTI specialists are captured in front of the lockdown of the capital city, the gathering arrangements to lay attack to the police headquarters where they will be held.

PTI administration has likewise guided gathering specialists to keep away from capture and “in the event that anybody captured, then more than 200 laborers will promptly achieve that police headquarters.”

Great stride. Exhibit is a popularity based right however political agitation is NOT. At the point when has anybody known about Republicans “Fixing” the Washington or Labor Party “securing” London. Dissent ought to be in assigned territories so that the non-taking an interest ones can go ahead with their typical life. PTI used to condemn MQM for ‘securing’ Karachi and has turned to same strategies now. Government inside its legitimate rights has forced segment 144 in the capital and on the off chance that anybody supposes its illicit ought to go to the court ask for a help. This is equity or “insaf” that PTI cases to remain for.

In the event that they need to illicitly close down islamabad, with no look after individuals going to doctor’s facilities or children going to schools, then government also can do anything wrongfully. I as a national of Islamabad completely bolster any move by the administration that guarantees my privilege of development is not hampered by revolutionary components

The world is snickering at our alleged majority rules system. Non military personnel government in Pakistan is taking after fascism controls on its subjects. We don’t take in lessons from our past slip-ups in 69 years of our history

PMLN is not acting shrewdly. Utilization of compel will advance muddle the matters for the administration. The people groups of Pakistan are completely energized against the exceptionally degenerate government rehearses

@Fawzia H Section 144 was initially forced by the English rulers to control the lives of the general population of sub-mainland from living uninhibitedly. Area 144 is forced in Indian Occupied Kashmir by Modi’s administration and Section 144 is forced in Islamabad by Sharif government! We simply need replies on Panama Leaks which the Sharifs ARE NOT giving!!

Try not to contend with policemen. Keep quiet and connect with them with deference. They are doing their occupation and a large portion of them may be thoughtful to PTI laborers.

Pointless contentions and erosion with them will bring threatening vibe (as a large portion of the policemen are working under desperate conditions, budgetary weight, social weight and vulnerability of fear based oppressor strikes).

Coordinating with them and indicating admiration and empathy to them will win their hearts and votes in next general races.


PM Nawaz Sharif does not have faith in vote based system, as he positively does not rehearse it? Sending police to pound and capture tranquil PTI youth tradition is stunning. This is not the first run through gestapo sort move has been made. It was criminal when 14 individuals were shot dead and 90 harmed by police at tranquil PAT assembling in Lahore. Why has no move been made against the executioners? Dangers from government priests of breaking legs and slaughtering dissenters is stunning. It appears this is not an administration of law based individuals,

Despite the fact that NS is not the best. He is in any event superior to IK. Entire country is degenerate. We would prefer not to leave our degenerate propensities and expect our head administrator and priests to be spotless. Visit Excise and tax assessment office or Income impose office or DCO office or ACE or police headquarters or any office of your decision and attempt to discover a blessed messenger. Ask dealers how they fabricated these royal residences.

Well done. About time. In the event that they upset the lives of everyday working men/ladies, capture them and place them in prison for some time. Majority rules system is not an unlimited free pass for a wide range of non-sense being regurgitated by PTI and its trolls. In actuality, PTI has no clue how vote based system capacities. Majority rules system implies recognizing the annihilation, proceeding onward, joining the champ for more prominent’s benefit of the general population and sitting tight for the following cycle.

What imran must do this time on the off chance that he is doing another dharna in islamabad is to abstain from taking U turns,earlier he fizzled in Civil disobidience movement,then Took U swing to take abdication of Nawaz ,fizzled on the other hand took U turn and requested that open 4Halqas.he neglected to stop harrassment arguments against ladies in Dharna,Protestors assaulted DSNG vans of television slots and Stormed into PTV station.

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